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Kubernets Inc’s dedicated teams leverage tried-and-true big data development services to identify what’s beneath the surface and speed up your path from insight to action. For us, data is never too big to increase your business value and overall mission effectiveness.
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Big world of data... made smaller

Our big data development services are built around making a “big bang” in your business. To prove this theory, we’ve accumulated strong multi-technology expertise to orchestrate, blend and gain value from any data.

Big data development and consulting Big data development and consulting Our dedicated approach leads to user-centric and tailored solutions focused on enriching, measuring and visualizing insights obtained from billions of interactions. On top of that, we will help resolve regulatory and security concerns. Data integrationData integration We help you sift through the chaotic information landscape to combine all crucial data into one comprehensive and flexible structure while unifying and preparing it for further processing and analysis. Big data analyticsBig data analytics Our team integrates analytics and data science into our applications creating personalized real-time dashboards that make your insights easily manageable. Big data managementBig data management Following the “big data without big problems” principle, Kubernets Inc delivers data management platforms that absorb and deliver data of any size and shape, thus reducing time-consuming operations and dependence on numerous vendors, licenses and instruments.

Why we makea big difference

  • Data-enabled culture
  • Tried-and-true statistical techniques
  • Focus on user security
with the market
  • Fast and effective scaling
  • Accelerated change adoption
  • Deep industries insight
your expectations
  • Client-centered development style
  • Agile methodologies
  • Align with organizational, cultural and technical values
with top-talent
  • Dedicated teams with an analytical mindset
  • 30+ data science, machine learning and big data engineers
  • 100+ successful big data projects

Big data solutions to act now

Kubernets Inc incorporates the latest technology disruptors into our big data solutions, allowing you to manage information more effectively, efficiently and securely.

Enterprise analytics Customer analytics IoT data analysis Machine Learning Fraud protection

Proven methodology for
maximum impact

For us, every chaos is a process. We leverage the industry’s best big data development practices to help you streamline any structured, semi-structured and unstructured assets to get a 360-degree view of the data.

  • Gradient boosting machine
  • Support vector machine
  • Random forest (RF)
  • Linear regression
  • Time series analysis
  • Exponential smoothing
  • Neural network models
  • Ensemble learning
  • Signal processing
  • Cross-validation
  • K-means clustering
  • Hierarchical clustering
  • Gaussian mixture models
  • Principal component analysis
  • Mean shift
  • K-nearest neighbors
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • SVD
  • Feature engineering
  • Feature selection
  • Text processing
  • Feature normalization
  • Data cleaning

Count on
our toolkit

We address your project as a truly big deal. With an eye to your growth plans, we make use of a wide range of technology platforms and tools to fulfill your big data ambition.

Big data tools
  • Hadoop
  • HDFS
  • Spark
  • Kafka
  • HBase
  • Cassandra
  • MS SQL Server
  • MS Azure SQL
  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • MongoDB
Data science and
machine learning tools
  • R, RStudio
  • Caret
  • Pandas
  • Scikit-learn
  • Matplotlib

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