Cloud development services

If you’re looking to optimize and scale your business, Kubernets Inc’s dedicated teams are all set to help you make a well-engineered move to the cloud or create a robust cloud-based solution.

Let’s set the pace of change in your industry

Kubernets Inc developers are passionate as brainstormers yet shockingly cool-headed when it comes to hard-deadline projects. This way, we create custom cloud products for trailblazing companies that want, need and deserve more.

SaaS What makes a successful SaaS solution? We’ll guide you every step of the way and provide a cohesive SaaS infrastructure with an easier and more convenient UX. SharePoint/ Office 365 Kubernets Inc is a certified Microsoft Partner with decades of experience. We create SharePoint and Office 365 cloud products that enhance collaboration and enable greater productivity in a modern workplace. DevOps With our cloud vision and strategy in place, you’ll get the perks of ongoing improvements, added functionality, as well as automated testing and deployment. Salesforce for ISVs Being a Silver Salesforce Partner, we have a proven track record of translating great ideas into the Salesforce language. We partner with Salesforce ISVs to build and launch successful, fault-proof solutions.

High-level cloud services are in the forecast...

Kubernets Inc covers the gamut of all things cloud-related. Our team of exceptional minds come together to consistently deliver polished, award-worthy solutions for all types of cloud projects.

Cloud application development Cloud application development We help large organizations and startups alike design, develop, market and deliver flexible products that build longer-lasting and more beneficial customer relationships. Cloud migration services Cloud migration services Planning a new mission in the clouds? The Kubernets Inc development squad will analyze your current application portfolio for opportunities to replatform or migrate your existing legacy product over to the cloud. Cloud integrationCloud integration We can help you integrate all of your applications and infrastructure into the cloud, including proprietary and third-party solutions. We’ll make sure that everything works together smoothly and securely. Cloud infrastructure management Cloud infrastructure management If making the leap to the cloud makes you nervous, don’t fret! With Kubernets Inc guiding you, you won’t make costly (in all possible meanings) mistakes.

Let’s set the pace
of change in your industry

Private Kubernets Inc’s private cloud solutions enable you to handle sensitive data, keep operations under control, and allow your team to swiftly allocate and deliver on-demand IT resources. Hybrid We leverage a mash-up of on-premise and off-premise IT resources to build solutions that improve the portability of info, apps, and services in multiple deployment situations. Public Our cloud development team has been designing easily-accessible public cloud products for years. With no extra hardware or software required, you can access data and services through any device. Multicloud We help businesses employ various cloud strategies to gain agility, as well as create new revenue streams, add services and expand your business reach.

A big-league technology stack

We’ve got a sixth sense for the right development toolkit. We build your stack on top of the major cloud service providers and platforms to drive your business at the speed it demands.

AWS Google Cloud Platform Azure Rackspace Cloud Heroku
2/3 Single codebase under the roof of a hybrid mobile solution speeds up delivery as it’s easier to embark upon new features or fix bugs. We know all the latest technology ins and outs and will bring great concepts into a successful hybrid solution.

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